Super Bowl 50
NFL Super Bowl round
Sunday, 7 February, 3:25PM PTZ
Levi’s Stadium
This year’s Super Bowl 50 is going to be one of the most watched games in TV history. Not only is it the Super Bowl so millions of men and women will be watching it in bars and at home but also they have picked the best people to perform this year.
First we start off with Lady Gaga singing the national anthem at the beginning of the game. That alone has all the monsters who have never watched a football game in their life tuning in to watch. Plus it has been a while since we saw Lady Gaga performing live unless she is going to lip sync like Beyonce did at the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Anyways we are super excited about that.

And what we who are not sport enthusiasts watch the Super Bowl for, the half time show, is going to be fire. First we have Coldplay who are amazing and then it is announced that they will be joined by none other than Beyonce. We are still recovering from the slay that is the Hymn For The Weekend video and you tell us we are going to get more Beyonce. *Sighs deeply and gathers thoughts* We are gonna loose our minds. Everybody still remembers that iconic Super Bowl XLVII performance from Beyonce. You know you learned the dance moves and Beyonce had you doing 8 counts during your break at work. I honestly can’t wait till Sunday to just get all of my life. And also Bruno Mars will be taking some time off rehab to grace us with his presence.


And just so that we prepare ourselves mentally for the snatching Beyonce is going to give us on Sunday let us look back on that faithful performance she gave at the Super Bowl XLVII.



For people who don’t have channels that will show the Super Bowl do not worry because we will find a link for all of you because we love you and that’s shit you do for people you love.