VGMA Red Carpet Review

This is one of our most anticipated reviews. We have had people calling in to remind us to review the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Red Carpet. This is because people have come to the realization that Ghanaian celebrities need to be held to certain standards and deserve a good dragging when they don’t and that puts a smile on our faces. This red carpet review almost didn’t happen because how many times do we have to tell these stylists and designers to get their shit together but here we are again.

In all my years of watching the Ghana Music Awards I think this is the worst one yet. As always the show was poorly produced. There was so much dead time between sections and nothing seemed to go on smoothly. I hated the stage, as usual, but this year’s stage was particularly repulsive. The LED lights that displayed the names of presenters, categories etc. were tacky. It also kept moving around and by the end of the show I had a headache. Then there was the four year old who was in charge of lighting. I am assuming he is four years old because that is the level of output we got. Everybody was badly lit. I could not see the faces of performers or most of what was going on on the stage. I don’t know why the stage was so dark and most of the lighting was green. What is with Ghanaians and different colored stage lights flying over the place?


Charter House is not improving. I think it’s because they don’t have competitors so they think they can get away with badly produced shows. Honestly I would rather outsource the show to the dreadful Chinese and get a good show than make tax paying Ghanaian citizens sit through another poorly produced and executed show.

The fashion was equally dreadful. As many people that read the reviews I think the celebrities are not reading it. Or do they just not care? They are making the same mistakes over and over again. This is what I think is going on on Ghanaian red carpets. Everybody is trying to do the MOST. Trying to out dress the next girl. Who has the biggest ball gown? How many yards of fabric am I going to waste on this gown? What to do to be the center of attention? The answers they come up with are the horrible, mortifying outfits that we are going to review. Hold on to your hats people. This is definitely going to be a bumpy ride. All aboard the tea train.


Let’s start with something that really bothered me.

There was a meme going round comparing these women on the red carpet to Totally Spies and I will not let that pass. Totally Spies was a group of fashionable girls whose makeup kits were weapons. These girls always had their fashions together and I will not allow their good names to be sullied. Let’s take them one by one and digest the looks.

Nana Ama McBrown

Let us begin from what the biggest problem with this outfit is, EVERYTHING! Can we stop this tear away trend that has been plaguing our red carpets. Why would you want an outfit that is detachable on the red carpet? It makes no sense. Nothing about this outfit works for me. From the hideous wax print to the chiffon. Why does Nana Ama play herself like this all the time? She looks a hot mess every time I see her. There is always something wrong. Either her dress is ugly or her wig is thirsty. Fix it Jesus.

Bibi Bright

Bibi Bright, or should I say Bibi be gone Bright, please explain why you are looking like gold fish on the red carpet? Why do you think a yellow jumpsuit with a tail was appropriate to wear to a red carpet event? It is not appropriate to leave your house with so it sure isn’t appropriate to be on the red carpet. As if the dress wasn’t dreadful enough, she had to go pair it with sparkling silver shoes. Somebody hand this poor girl a color wheel. I do not know what is going on with her hair and her makeup, more like make-down, is dreadful. There is nothing to compliment here so I will be moving on.

Berla Mundi

Hmmmm. The last time I saw Berla Mundi she looked like Cinderella at 11:59 pm and now her dress looks like the nether regions of a female baboon ready to mate. I spent a good amount of time analyzing this outfit. Trying to understand it. I tried looking at it whiles sitting, standing, lying down and I even tried looking at it with my mind’s eye but I am still left wondering, what is this? I want to have a sit down with the person who made this dress and have them explain it to me. The train looks hideous and is shaped like a trapezoid. The big ruffles themselves look poorly done. They wrinkle from the first stitch to the last one. This dress raises a whole lot of questions; why would you wear it? What’s the silhouette? How many yards of fabric was wasted to make it? Why is the train a trapezoid? Why that color? Does Berla Mundi have style? So many questions, very few red carpets.

Zynelle Zuh

Among these four girls I think she looks the best. But the bar in this group was set pretty low. I am not in love with this dress but I can appreciate it. I like the puff shoulder even though it looks poorly constructed. She doesn’t have things coming off her or weird shapes attached to her dress. I don’t like the fabric but the use of the fabric made it tolerable to look at. The finger wave hair looks like it needs more gel and more structure and the makeup is okay. One thing I do like is her boobs are sitting just right. They look high and perky and I am in love.


People have been trying to get me on this Ebony girl but I have no idea who she is or what she does. It turns out she has a hit single and is the new Mzbel. This is the first impression she is giving me and I honestly don’t want to see anymore of her. I like the colors of the fabric and I think she could have done more with it than wrap wax print around her waist and try to pass it off as a complete dress.


MzVee aka Daavi (that is the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen anyone come up with, she literally gets TACKIER and TACKIER) came out to play in a very traditional outfit to promote her new single and failed. Next time book a performance, don’t use the red carpet to promote your single with theatrics. I want her to sit down and think about what she has done. Think about why she had red lipstick and blue eye shadow to pair with her kete dancer outfit. The way she is dressed I don’t think she has a friend or a mirror because one of them would have told her she looks a hot mess before she stepped out of her house.

Stephanie Benson

What in the name of PETA is she wearing? I love Stephanie Benson and I think her style is daring and sexy but this ensemble is a mess. How many ostriches had to die so that she can have all these feathers on one dress? The dress is too much. I am here for a Vegas show girl moment and I live for a good feather ensemble but this is just too much feather for my liking. This outfit is very carnival looking at the same time. It just isn’t working for Stephanie. It’s such a pity that all those birds had to die to make this ugly dress. Oh the go go dancer platforms need to go ASAP. Why would you pair that shoe with that already hideous outfit? She completely failed with this look.

Selley Galley

Who keeps inviting this girl to red carpets? Am I at the Ghana Music Awards or watching a poorly produced Chinese movie about the Ming Dynasty? Why the hell is Selly dressed like an extra for a bad Chinese movie? She literally has no neck in this dress. NO NECK PEOPLE! Her neck is swallowed by the terrible fabric. I see what they are going for here, like some sort of golden leaf fantasy, but somewhere along the line the fantasy turned into a nightmare. One I would like to wake up from immediately. This has always been her problem. She is always doing too much. She needs to edit her outfits before she wears them. Don’t think what will make me look extra, think what would make me look beautiful.

Pokello and Elikem Kumordzei

Pokello looks as interesting as a saltine cracker. I don’t like the beading on her dress nor do I like the dress itself. It is not hideous but it’s just not a beautiful dress. I don’t like the sheer top or the “my three sisters” bottom. The three tiers are at a weird length if you ask me and the proportions of the tiers are not visually appealing. Elikem’s jacket is okay. The lapel has a weird shape but I guess that’s the new trend in Ghana because most of the men had similar lapels. I’m indifferent to it.

Feli Nuna

Ms. Feli Nuna thought it would be a great idea to make a dress out of the colors of a reflector jacket. I am honestly confused as to why she chose these colors, in this print and make this dress. She is wearing a two piece; a crop top and a full skirt. So she has this loud yellow and green bustier and thought to herself, “this is not enough.” She then goes on to add some sequin and feathers. Why would you do that Feli? It was ugly enough without the fake green and yellow feathers. Then there is a long skirt which starts of as the yellow and green fabric and then at the knees goes into a mermaid shaped tulle explosion. I don’t think I have seen so much yellow in my life. It’s blinding to tell the truth. It looks like she is dragging Big Bird all over the red carpet. I hate it.

Bennedicta Gafah

I appreciate the effort here. At least it is not a ten foot long gown. It’s simple enough. I am not saying I like this jumpsuit but it’s aight. And next time when you use false hip pads, nothing wrong with using them, make sure they don’t show. I love the shoes. Nothing like simple strapped heels.

Martha Ankomah

Martha Ankomah is a beautiful girl but this dress doesn’t do her justice. It’s a simple silhouette but the fabric choice was awful. Finding beautiful fabric seems to be a problem for most of the dressmakers in Ghana.

Amanda Jissih

This is a little fashion advice for my curvy girls out here, black is slimming but adding things to a black dress defeats the purpose of wearing a black dress. Case in point Amanda Jissih. The attached side trains should have been taken off and this dress could have been much better. Say this after me people. Less is more.


Adomaa looks beautiful in this white ensemble. I like this dress. I think the pearls falling off the shoulders was a cute touch and brought the whole look together pretty beautifully.

 Abrantie and Chantell

I need to get this out of my system. I hate Chantell’s shoes. I also hate the fuchsia color the dress was made in. I don’t think it compliments her skin tone and the shoes just because they are dreadful. Abrantie looks okay too and together they look like happy newlyweds.

Gloria Sarfo

This looks tacky. The tulle shoulder pads and sleeve cuffs are uneventful and the tiered bottom part, I just don’t know what kind of fabric that is. Gloria is another person who never seems to get it right on the red carpet. Somehow the ensembles are always cheap looking and that’s not cute. Hire a good stylist and avoid looking like a mess every single time.

Gifty Osei

Girl Bye.



Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge the Adina’s beat. Her face is sitting pretty and I love it. Now to the dress. Once again fabric choice seems to be my problem. The floral print and the green fabric used to make this outfit don’t look good alone and even worse together. Maybe if it was in a solid color or better fabric it would have been as good as her makeup.

Sika GMB

I don’t really like this dress but that’s not my main problem with this look. My main problem with this dress is it makes her breasts look flat. Ladies you need to learn these tricks. Zynelle has this trick down so I don’t know why you haven’t learnt it. The dress looks tight and her breasts have been pancaked inside it. First I think the tailoring is wrong because you are supposed to provide some sort of support for the bust not compress the area. Then Sika also didn’t lift her breast. When you are not wearing a bra and you don’t have 1000 cc silicon in your breasts they will naturally sag. Blame gravity. So when you are not wearing a bra you should lift your boobs in the dress to make them look perkier. Some simply lift in in the dress with their hands and it fine while others have to use tape to lift it up. There is no shame in lifting your breasts in a dress so I suggest you learn from Zynelle and have the girls sitting high and mighty.


Petra looks good in this dress. I like the dress but I wish it was all white and if wishes were horses… I like how simple and beautiful the silhouette is and she is glowing in the outfit. Her hair however looks thirsty but we are not going to say anything about that.

Eli Kharis

I like the dress Eli is wearing. I like the simple silhouette with the cascading folds on the waist. That is a beautiful touch to the dress and the fabric used to make that looks beautiful and complimented the main fabric the dress was made from. The use of this fabric should have however ended there. The detail on top of the bustier and neck is questionable. I feel the dress could have done without it. But all together this is a good look.

Debora Vanessa

I think we have a winner guys. I love Debora Vanessa’s Bello Edu look on the red carpet. The only thing I have to say is I wish her waist was cinched in an inch or five but even without the cinch it looks great and I love it. Definitely one of the best dressed of the night.

Anita Erskine

I love to hear Anita’s voice and I listen every time I happen to chance on a radio. Of all her looks that night I think this is the most beautiful dress. I didn’t care much for the others especially the Balmain-esque outfit she wore. That green dress was bad. But all in all her face looked beautiful and natural and she did a good job hosting a terrible show in my opinion.


I like what EL is wearing here. I am not completely sold on the colors but it’s okay. Also I do not get the double lapel situation. The vest didn’t need a lapel. Then again it didn’t need to be yellow either so.

Stone Bwoy

Stone Bwoy looks clean. His hair is in a neat bun and I like the wax print blazer on the all black ensemble. The only thing wrong here is his shoes and the fact that he isn’t wearing socks. Generally I like feet to be wrapped in socks before they are put in shoes but that’s just my opinion. The shoes however are hideous. The metallic front on the suede looks bad. It’s almost like the celebrities LOVE to add a little tacky and cheap to an almost good outfit.

Nathaniel Attoh

Nathaniel Attoth looks good in this suit. I think the color is okay but the main reason why I am reviewing him is in this photo you can clearly see the chair. Why would event organizers make celebrities take photos on a chair that looks cheaply upholstered? Good Lord smh!

AJ Sarpong

Baby girl you do not need that 10 foot chiffon bow on your waist. The whole looks is simple and looks good on its own but you had to go ruin everything with that bow. Why they stay doing so much I would never know.


I liked this outfit from Becca. I thought it sparkled when she performed in it and it fits perfectly. I’m sure the men were happy about that. I also thought her red carpet look was good. I love the fringe detail. It was fun and flirty.


Manifest looks beautiful in this look. It’s very unique to him and I like that. I think it’s safe to say he was the best dressed male of the night.

This brings us to the end of yet another review. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to leave your comments bellow, we would love to hear from you.

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