Teyana Taylor covers the October issue of Paper magazine dubbed the “LIVING FOR FASHION” issue.

The world has been obsessed with Teyana Taylor, Paper magazine’s October issue cover girl, after she appeared in the video of Kanye‘s “Fade” song premiered at the MTV Music Video Awards earlier this year. In the video which included her husband, Iman Shumpert, and 9 month old baby, Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr., Teyana danced in her underwear revealing an amazingly toned body. After her debut in the “Fade” video she has become an it girl.

Teyana Taylor appears in the October issue of Paper magazine, who I will say has been giving us amazing covers this year, wearing a full Yeezy ensemble giving you body. In the interview Teyana talks about all the struggles she has been through and how she overcame it all, encourages women to go for all they want in life and  doing all that while looking amazing in an editorial.

Read snippets from the interview and all the images from the editorial below.


Teyana wears a coat, bodysuit and boots by Yeezy Season 4


“It was a do-or-die moment where I was like, ‘I’m going to dance my fucking heart out,'” Taylor recalls.




“I honestly don’t feel like ‘Fade’ would have had the same effect had I just been 21, hot body, single,” Taylor says.



“It was more than just dancing in a sports bra and a thong,” “Yes.” “You can be superwoman. You can have it all, that balance in your relationship, your family and your career. It’s the opposite of the cliché that says kids will slow you or your career down.”



“He was like, ‘It’s so dope because y’all so young and y’all fresh, but then y’all got the baby and the championship.'” (Shumpert is a part of the 2016-NBA-title-winning Cleveland Cavaliers.) She adds, “I think that gave him the idea of wanting to see us all in the video together.”



“I was nervous as hell,” recalls Taylor. “I saw the posture, I saw the bangs, I saw the bob and I saw the shades, and I said, ‘Anna’s here,'” Taylor recalls. “That’s when my nervousness really turned up. I love Anna. I’m obsessed with her. So, to know she was there, that she knows who I am…”



“I never had the time to fail, to fall and get back up and try again,” she says. “People would get up on me, like, ‘You’ve been doing it for seven years now, you might as well give up.'”



“All you can do is keep shining. You can’t say something and think my legs are going to stop, my voice is going to stop, my hunger is going to stop,” she says. “I’ll be hurt for five minutes, but I’m going to keep going hard.”



“I love that ’90s R&B, baby-making music. That’s where I plan to stay,” “I want to be relatable. Hit every aspect of what we go through as women.”



“For me, a lot of stuff — dropping albums, tours — is in the summer and spring when his season is over,” she says. “During winter time, I get to be more on his side, supporting him, and during the summer he supports me. So it’s the perfect balance.”



As for Baby Junie, Taylor says, “She’s been our good luck charm. She’s just been everything.” She continues, “From the moment I got pregnant with her to the day she was born, it’s been all positives, all greatness, all iconic.”



Read the full interview HERE.