A floral outlook on a tribal fantasy is what Ghanaian style consultant/ blogger Eny brings to us with the help of photographer Charlene Asare. The looks she chose for this beautiful editorial are very modern Ghanaian, if that makes any sense to you. The clothes on their own wouldn’t give off a cultural vibe but she is able to style them such that she gives it a completely new feel and that’s why I love this editorial. The clothes are by local Ghanaian designers including Jermain Bleu, Charlotte Prive and Hazza.

I love how one piece of fashion can have so many different meanings and interpretations depending on who is wearing it and how it is being worn. Fashion is an expression of who you are and if you wanted to you could make a Chanel gown look Ghanaian.



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Styling: @stylemanship
Photography: @charleneasare
Makeup: @akaikotei
Models: @paula_ethel @fabeesed