Nicki Minaj has been the queen of rap since she hit the hip-hop scene. Mainly because she didn’t have much competition. All the best female rap artists; Eve, Trina, Missy Elliott etc, had suddenly taken a sabbatical leaving Nicki Minaj to be the only real contender for BET‘s Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. She has won the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the BET awards since 2010.

Remy Ma however has been in jail for the past 8 years, which in the hip-hop world is like getting a new boy-scout badge. Nicki Minaj was a big advocate for Remy Ma‘s release when she first went to jail but after her release she started singing a new song. Literally! She that took shots at Remy Ma in a few songs she was featured in. Granted the bars weren’t good, it was still a jab at Remy.

Remy Ma responded to this with a 6 minutes 46 second diss track called “Shether“. In this song she went in. Remy Ma gave us all the dirt she had on Nicki Minaj. From Nicki Minaj‘s fake butt popping to her supporting her pedophile brother.

The world is still waiting for a response from Nicki Minaj but it has been well over a week and still nothing. Remy Ma then went on the Wendy Williams show and wrapped Nicki’s coffin with a bow.


After this if Nicki Minaj doesn’t come up with a comeback, A GOOD ONE, we don’t expect her to call herself the queen of rap anymore. The queen of rap is the one with the best bars and as of now the one with the sickest bars is .