Welcome to the Data Center Chanel.

The set for the Chanel spring 2017 collection transformed the Grand Palais into a data center. The set had a nostalgic feel to it. It didn’t’t give a 2100 technology vibe but it gave 90’s Sci-fi movie. Like a Star Trek vibe minus the aliens. The show started with two Coco-bots in Chanel tweeded suits to clarify the theme if the rows of  giant computer processors forming aisles through the space didn’t make it clear enough.

This season Karl Lagerfeld decided to use a lot of technology in the collection. The tweeds and fabrics used for this season is very “high-tech” in Karl‘s own words and I am in love with this. The colors in this season’s collection seem to be exploding off the fabric giving a 3D feel to the pieces. There were so many new cuts and styles to this collection that were different from what we originally know and expect from Chanel but at the same time seemed very familiar. Almost like an evolution, the same thing but different . Also I love the new fabrics. The quilted plastic like fabric was just so beautiful to look at and also some of the fabrics had wires woven into them. (See in detail).

Another amazing collection from the Karl Lagerfeld and his team and I will be seeing next year with my Black American Express card ready to shop till I drop.

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