Now you know the devil is in the detail or is it the C-3PO?

I love this collection so much and looking at the detail just makes me want it so much more. The details of the Chanel spring 2017 runway presentation gives you a closer look at the rich new high-tech fabric Karl Lagerfeld used to create this collection. The color, the technique, everything just screams opulence and craftsmanship.

Another reason why we examine the Chanel details is to take a look at the beautiful accessories that come with the collection. Once again the collection was paired with very short block heel shoes that are not just comfortable but stylish. Most of the models walked out with their hair in a side ponytail and a Chanel baseball cap made from the same fabric. The bags as always fitted the beautiful theme. This season saw robot baguettes and bags that light up. Imagine going out at night and your bag is projecting the Chanel logo.

Everything as usual was thoroughly thought out and executed to a tea. Nothing like a Chanel fashion show to inspire you.

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