Another Chanel collection that literally comes for your scalp. From the moment Mica Arganaraz opened the show in a bright pink tweed suit with an oversize tie collar I knew we were in for something truly special. This seasons collection was just not ready to wear, it was ready to wear couture. The details of this collection is pure genius. I feel like I say this with every Chanel collection and that’s why I love Chanel. You can trust that season after season Karl Lagerfeld will bring you nothing short of perfection when it comes to his collections. This season saw a throw back to what Chanel is at the core. The styles that are the signature of the brand. A very welcomed addiction to this collection is the bowler hat which accompanied most of this seasons pieces and the stunning boots. I would like to bring to your attention now that Chanel has been serving the best shoes and generally accessories for years now. Talking about the Chanel plate bag and the Chanel camera bag to mention a few, this fashion house serves only the best in all the things they do. The men pieces in the collection are to die for to. The long armed sweaters and jackets are everything. What I wouldn’t do for a piece from this collection.


Behold the Chanel fall 2016 ready to wear couture collection.

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Front row guests

Chanel fans Pharrell Williams, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Willow Smith all attended the show today.

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