Seems like the world is just getting pettier and pettier. 

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) an animal rights organization purchased a very very small stake in French luxury goods brand Hermès. According to a statement from PETA, it became a shareholder in Hermès by acquiring a single share in the company worth $360 on the Paris stock exchange in late July.

Why? The single share will give PETA access to Hermès’ shareholder meetings and further pressure the brand to stop using alligator and crocodile skins to make it’s products which to me sounds almost IMPOSSIBLE but they can try?

“PETA’s acquisition comes on the heels of the recent release of video footage from two farms, one located in Zimbabwe and another in Winnie, Texas, that serve as suppliers for Hermès-owned tanneries. The video depicts the cruel treatment of crocodiles (think: skinning them alive for their hides). While Hermes denies using the crocodile skins supplied by the farm showed in the PETA video – the allegations have also put the company in an unfavorable position with actress Jane Birkin, after whom the brand’s most famous bag was named. Birkin has since demanded that the iconic design house remove her name from the bag. There is no word on whether Hermès will, in fact, drop the Birkin name from its bag” – The Fashion Law