Lord knows I was ready to tear this collection apart. Honestly all three seasons of Yeezy looked the same to me and even followed the same color palette so I was not expecting anything new from Kanye West this season. As the images were appearing on social media, at least the ones that I saw first, I thought to myself “Here we go again. Kanye is showing last seasons clothes at a different location.”


Yeezy Season 1. I mean two. Oh wait is actually 4.

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But to my surprise I actually loved this season of Yeezy. It followed the usual color pallet and style, minimalism, but for some reason this season spoke to me. Is Kanye is getting better with time? I loved the thigh high boots and some of the jackets were cute. I was also looking at the models to see how the whole multiracial women only casting was going to look like and it wasn’t what everybody was expecting. Kanye had girls like Teyana Taylor, Sofia Richie and Chanel Iman walking at the show and it wasn’t the light skin festival everyone thought it would to be. All in all season 4 is the best season yet.

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