Thom Browne

Thom Browne is know for his amazing presentations and that’s why his shows are one of the most coveted during fashion week.. This season’s presentation however was not the usual spectacle we are used to . The je ne sais quoi came from the juxtaposition of the whole show. The collection gave off a very warm and fuzzy feel. Very comfortable, very chic. Everything else was cold.  From the ice queen makeup on the women to the pseudo ice skating rink.

The clothes were gorgeous as usual and true to the style of Thom  Browne. Feminine with a masculine edge. Box cut jackets at different lengths with fur detail layered over long sleeve crisp white shirts, and shorts. Shorts for fall is a brilliant idea for two reasons. Firstly with global warming on the rise we might actually have warm falls and secondly shoes these days come with socks. It is simply genius and so was the whole collection.