I know I said I was not going to review any of the shows from New York Fashion Week but how can I not share the love I have for this season’s Marc Jacobs spring 2017 women’s collection. A FASHION MOMENT! Everything  was perfect from the runway setting to the beautiful clothes and of course my favorite plat form shoes.

I knew there would be some mess about this show when I saw the images from this show. I knew people would have a problem with Marc Jacobs styling his models with dreadlocks. They did and as usual the term “cultural appropriation” was thrown around. This is my two cents on this situation. As artists we draw inspiration from different places. We can be inspired by inanimate thing, places, people and cultures. And so if Marc was inspired to create this look I will not fault him for it. Is this a negative portrayal of dreadlocks? No its not. So I personally do not have a problem with this. Was Marc Jacobs wrong for saying it is cultural appropriation when black women straighten their hair? Yes it probably was but I will excuse him for that because I feel he was baited into this predicament. People now use the term “cultural appropriation” so loosely these day and just like the boy who cried wolf, the term will lose it’s meaning. Let’s reserve our anger for people who portray us in a negative way and let artist be free to express themselves in any way or form they want, unless it is offensive to us and our culture.

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