Nicki Minaj‘s recent behavior has me outraged and I think it deserves a good “Drag That Bitch“. After the new queen of rap, Remy Ma, snatched her crown with almost 7 minutes of complete slay, Nicki Minaj has never been the same again.

First she went off to Paris Fashion Week and wore that one-boob-out outfit with shorts that was a mess! She looked a hot mess the whole time she was in Paris. How are you going to be in Paris and look a hot mess? The fashion capital of the world. Oh I almost forgot her new favorite accessories, visors. Girl why are you hiding half of your face behind a shard off Optimus Prime. You need a new stylist. Her stylists have always been sketchy. Personally I think Nicki Minaj doesn’t have style. She never has.

Then she released three songs on the same day. After her hiatus is Paris we had given up all hopes of Nicki Minaj releasing a reply to Remy Ma‘s epic diss record. I was itching to listen to these songs only to realize the song were not that good and still no reply to Remy Ma. She just continued taking subliminal shots at Remy Ma and the shots were not that good. And to top it all off how in the name of hiphop does Iggy Azalea have a song I like better than Nicki Minaj right now. Mo Bounce is a bop! The only Nicki Minaj bars I like are the ones on  Jason Derulo‘s “Swalla”. Whatever the hell that means. Why does Nicki Minaj always drop her best bars on other artists songs?

Nicki Minaj needs to go back to the drawing board. If ghost writers need to be rehired then that’s what should be done. Get Safaree on the line and beg him to come back if that’s what you need to do girl. You started off your career strong please don’t end it abruptly. Some say Nicki Minaj was good because  there were no female rap artists doing well. They all went on some sort of joint sabbatical. Now that we have more female hiphop artists in circulation I have to admit she isn’t cutting it. I think it’s time Nicki Minaj has another “Dear old Nicki” moment and reevaluate her music, fashion and life.