The 2016 Victoria Secret fashion show will be happening at the epicenter of fashion, Paris. Victoria Secret is giving us a look into the making of the fashion show. We are always told that Victoria Secret shows are a big production and it is obvious they are but it is nice to take a peak behind the curtains. The cherry on the icing is they are having the show at the home of Chanel, The Grand Palais.

The performers for this years show are Lady GaGa, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. The performers this year are so exciting and I am ready for this. I am particulary excited about Lady GaGa and Bruno Mars because Lady GaGa is always amazing to watch because she can actually sing and Bruno Mars  was so fun the last time he was there.


The first part of the video series shows us the themes for this year. As usual there will be 6 themes and this year they are trying to make the show different from the past years. When someone pointed out that the past years are blending together a light went off in my head and I noticed it too. So this year expect Victoria Secret to give you something new.


The 6 themes are;

The Road Ahead

The road ahead is focus on bringing cultures together. So expect a whole lot of colors and and beautiful colors. Couture wings that have been structured, painted and bejeweled by so many people all around the world.

Secret Angel

Secret angel is basically going to be a dangerous liaison part two. Remember when Rihanna performed “Diamonds” in 2012 for the theme Dangerous Liaison. So expect a lot of sexy and black pieces and airy, loose wings.

I expect The Weeknd  to perform but I have no idea what song he is going to perform.

Mountain Romance

Mountain romance is the hill billy theme of this years Victoria Secret fashion show. This theme reminds me of the Boho Psychedelic theme they had last year. Hmmmmm doing things different by doing it the same way.

Pink Nation

Pink nation this year is going to be very high end street wear show. Some of the pieces showed and I am so excited for this one. Pink nation is always fun.

I expect Lady GaGa to perform “Perfect Illusion” to this theme.

Dark Angel

This theme is basically the same thing as Secret Angel. Waiting to see how this one pans out.

I expect The Weeknd to perform “Starboy” to this theme.

Bright Night Angel.

Bright night angel looks seem to be all the same. I have seen some on social media and from the video it is all about fitted body suits that are bejeweled by hand by an old man.

Definitely going for Bruno Mars to perform “24K Magic“.