Let me catch my breath reeaaaall quick.

I was expecting SO MUCH for the visual of VENUS that at some point i felt like my dreams couldn’t be brought to life BUT DAMN. Fuck MY Dreams! The video is GENIUS. EVERYTHING i was expecting and almost MORE.


The aesthetically inspiring video starts with Lady Jay SERVING in a Gothic bride ensemble by House Of Paon, standing in a white background and just giving the VENUS attitude. She’s BAD. House of Paon showed out in EVERY SCENE and i was beyond grateful. EVERY scene is beautiful. The icing on the cake was the SNAKE that just moved around her neck and hair. The snake embodied Lady Jay and Lady Jay embodied the snaked. Just Beautiful. Sarkodie and Kuvie came thru too! WHAT? Chillls bruh, chills down my spine at every scene!

well done Lady Jay on changing the game and if y’all don’t mind I’m going to watch the video again.