Almost a week after Lady GaGa released her sixth studio album “Joanne” she joins James Corden for a carpool karaoke.

I am a big fan of Lady GaGa and the numerous characters she has given us throughout the years. However Joanne is my least favorite character. The album is amazing and I loved every song on it but am I the only one who misses the “Born This Way” era. Those eras where we didn’t know what to expect from Lady GaGa were the best. Was she going to come out in a meat dress? Are we going to get a chance to see another gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown? We just never knew with Lady GaGa and that was exciting. Lady GaGa is known for her theatrics and over the top fashion but the new “Joanne” character is very toned down. Joanne is still gorgeous tho.

This carpool karaoke however was very fun. Lady GaGa looked so beautiful and her winged tip looked like it was drawn by angels. The ponytail was high and tight and the look was right. Lady GaGa has one of the most amazing voices and she sang her heart out. At one point I found myself thinking “Does this woman have auto tune in her throat?”.


Lady GaGa spoke about being the headline act for next year’s Super Bowl, which if she comes out with Beyonce to do a “Telephone” continuation or even sing “Telephone” I WOULD DIE! The best part of this karaoke for me was when James Corden changed into some of Lady GaGa‘s iconic ensembles from the past. Now that was funny. You can watch the carpool karaoke below.

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