King Kong Magazine

We all know Naomi Campbell serves killer queen vibes wherever she goes. Whether it is on the runway where she leaves a trail of blazing fire behind her or in images, she is always “killing it” as the kids say. For the cinema issue of King Kong magazine Naomi Campbell portrays basically herself, a”Killer Queen”. On the stunning cover shot by Jack Walterlot studios, Naomi Campbell is seen in a shimmering Jeremy Scott body suit with a cigarette in one hand and her hair chopped to jaw line length. A visual representation of a modern-day killer queen.


King Kong said over Instagram: “Although reality may now be stranger than fiction, or simply indistinguishable from it, there is a place where fantasy and artifice have always ruled: the Cinema. Beyond the silver screen lies escape, and the power to weave stories that transport, astonish and seduce you. Box office sales boom after a recession and we know why—escapism is healing. So, for our third issue, King Kong invites you to sit back, relax and enjoy the movie….”