This isn’t that surprising to me. Trans has actually become very mainstream with celebrities like Lavern Cox and Caitlyn Jenner pushing the agenda forward. 

I’m very proud of Keanu because most heterosexual men don’t date trans women out in public and for that I applaud him. 

According to our source

Despite supposedly being spotted out on a date with former Generation Um costar, Bojana Novakovic just a few weeks ago, word has it that Keanu Reeve is already head-over-heels for somebody new. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Matrix action icon is falling hard for his new transgender girlfriend, Jamie Clayton. Clayton stars in Netflfix’s Sci-Fi thriller, Sense8.

“They’re definitely smitten. “The fact the Jamie’s transgender doesn’t mean a thing. “Keanu likes her and respects her no matter what.” 

Now that’s how everyone should love. Without boundaries. Without judgement. 

The world would be so much better that way.