Joanne the scammer on Attitude magazine

Branden Miller worked her way into the our hearts with her “a real messy bitch that lives for drama” drag persona, Joanne the scammer. This led to a series of videos that went viral and with every video he got funnier and even more successful. His success was meteoric. The mastermind behind this amazing character, Branden Miller, is a master at social media because there has been many internet sensations but only a few have been able to stay relevant for a long period of time. His early career started on YouTube, then to short videos for Instagram and Twitter. Now  works red carpets in Marc Jacobs shoes and makes videos under Super Deluxe.

His success has now been solidified with his first magazine cover. They say you are not famous if you haven’t been immortalized in print. Joanne is seen on the May issue of Attitude magazine looking like the beautiful Caucasian woman she always said she was. His success is so inspirational and can’t wait for what’s next from Joanne the scammer.