You’ve heard the name so many times, you’ve definitely have seen her amazing performances but do you know Lady Jay?

Lady Jay is a singer/dancer/songwriter with an amazing sultry voice. Freshly signed by EFYA of One Nation, Lady Jay is on her way to take over the world like she always says, and we are ready for that! You heard “Oh My My” which is one of her very popular songs. ‘Oh My My My’ of her upcoming EP ‘1/2 a Lady’. The song’s main motivation is Love. Love for her secret lover, family, friends and fans This Kuvie produced ballad fuses her melodic voice with a harmonious beat of liquid funk, ambient melodies of R&B and trap drumlines. This mixture supports her hook, aimed at letting her listener press the replay button over and over again. if you have haven’t? HERE ↓ And also, her new feature with Okyeame Kwame & DJ Mensah!




Lady Jay’s fashion is exactly what i need from her every time i see her, whether shes giving me FKA Twigs teas or she’s giving me Kylie Jenner teas with teal hair she stays changing it up every time. Long flowy Kimonos to sexy Frank Selasie kimonos to latex crops and pencil skirts to Fluffy FUR! Sounds like an amazing fantasy yeah? That’s exactly how Lady is! Like she’s living in her very own cute fantasy! She’s not afraid to try anything and we think that is so hardcore!




Be ready to hear about Lady Jay as she  prepares to take on the world with her single VENUS (if i had one word to describe the song Venus, that word will be ‘MAD’ yes!) Which is coming sooner than you ever thought! Lady is also releasing a 6 song EP by the end of this year!!!! GET READY!


Styling & Clothing: Kelvin Vincent & House of Paon

Photography: @pixelrate_studios