Steve French‘s collection at the Glitz Africa Fashion Week was beautiful. I have had the opportunity to hear him explain the concept behind the collection which has to do with asylums but even without that explanation the theme for the collection is so clear in the pieces that it  would be hard to not notice. What I love about Steve French is he is the unconventional designer. He doesn’t do the normal silhouettes we are used to. He reminds me of brands like Comme des Garcon and Hood by Air. Labels that create their own silhouettes no matter how weird or different they are. This collection almost exclusively has the pieces in sheath silhouettes and bounded arms as tho the models were wearing straight jackets. Every single pieces was beautiful and mesmerized us at they came down the runway in his theatrically inclined presentation. The whole runway presentation from the smudged red lipstick to the binding clothes and the way the models came down the runway showed how thought out the collection and presentation is and made me love it even more.

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