Late doesn’t even explain how we are with all things Frank Ocean but you can’t blame us, we took some time off to enjoy or summer and also pimp up the site a little bit, how do you like the new look?

After what almost feels like a decade, Frank released his new album BLONDE which originally called Boys Don’t Cry. Frank released a Visual album ENDLESS. Frank has given us enough music to not ask for another album for about 4 years, which is bittersweet. 17 songs on both albums. Many agree that ENDLESS is just made up of all the songs Frank didn’t let make the final cut and Blonde makes up the ACTUAL album we have been waiting for all along.

BLONDE has been on repeat for me since i dropped early Saturday. Pink + White & Nights are easily my favorite songs and low key THE best songs on the album but you didn’t hear that from me. Check out the FULL  track list and stream both albums BELOW.

Listen to BLONDE below.


Listen to #ENDLESS below.


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