“Beautiful Imperfection” by Steve French

“Beautiful Imperfection” is the graduation collection from young fashion designer Steve French. It was one of the most fashion forward collections to come out of a Ghanaian designer last year. The collection was praised by his peers and industry professionals as genius and original. He explained his work as an ode to the negative views the Ghanaian people have about asylums. In the mist of the “craziness” he found inspiration to create something truly beautiful.

In this editorial photographed by Ofoe Amegavie, model Rania Odaymat embodies the essence of the collection.  A sense of unhinged, bounded yet haunting beauty.  Rania adds a hopeful feel to the images with her expressions and haunting beauty. The editorial was shot in open landscapes and abandoned building that complimented the central theme of the shoot. The editorial is beautifully shot and it conveys a very powerful emotion that even the most fashion illiterate of us can feel.