Nneka Ibeabuchi is a multifaceted woman. She is a model, creative director and actress based in Los Angeles and New York. She just completed a beautiful series she calls “Beads and Braids” which features different shades of black women all in “Braids and Bead.” Beads and braids are two things that are intertwined with the African culture and seeing it in a fresh way is always exciting for young fashion editors with an old soul like myself.

Beads and Braids

“As a Nigerian born visiting Ghana for the very first time last December, it was an amazing experience for me. The series “Beads and Braids” was something I fell in love with while in Ghana. Every chance I had I was wearing different styles of traditional cornrow braids and I wanted the whole world to experience the beauty through me. The beads added a classic and traditional look and I want everybody to know beads are still in style and always will be. I personally picked the hairstyle and brought back beads for each model. This series was to give new face models a platform because I just knew the world would love it. Before I returned to the US, I already made sure I had my team ready for this project. I contacted Ferdinand Nyarko, our photographer, Christiana Osawe, our hairstylist,  Nneoma Nwaka, our makeup artist and also 5 different models. Everybody was excited about the project, 2 weeks later magic was created.”


Models – Ijeoma Nawka (@ije0ma), Arnell Banahene (@boojiea), Tanayah Flores (@Say__nay) , Leah Reynolds (@slimsgoodies), Alisara Tesyajantorn (@_alisara) and Nneka Ibeabuchi (@AfricanJawn)
Makeup artist – Nneoma Nwaka (@sk1nnyy)
Hairstylist – Christiana Osawe (@touchedbytianaa)
Photographer – Ferdinand Nyarko (@nyarko_photography ) 
Creative director – Nneka Ibeabuchi (@africanjawn )