Azealia Banks is one of the most problematic celebrities alive. She gives Charlie Sheen a run for his money. I don’t know why she can just shut up and live her life. It’s not like she isn’t talented, SHE IS! But all that talent is wasted and hidden under a mountain of bad press she brings upon herself.

This girl has come for everybody in the industry; Rihanna and Zayn Malik most recently, and now she is coming for RuPaul. In a series of tweets she calls out RuPaul for using the words bitch and ho because they are derogatory. That is all fine and good but then every word has the context in which they are used. Not only did she come for one of the biggest gay icons on television, she manages to sound both homophobic and transphobic. Not that we didn’t know she was these things already. She voted for Trump and had the nerve to let us know. Even white people who voted for Trump were polite enough to keep their racism a secret.

I would like Azealia Banks at this point to shut her ass up. We have all had it with her fake activism. Always playing the feminist card or the race card when it suits her when she has a track record for being a bigot and calling black girls tar. Shut yo ass up and stop causing drama Azealia Banks. We are tired of your bullshit. Talking about “double standard that gives gay men more room to be women than women themselves.” What world does she live in? Does she know femininity in the gay world is frowned upon hence #NoFems? Did she do any research before tweeting? I just wish she would seek some professional help because there is obviously something wrong with this girl.