A collection from the Voodooshi Herself.

Welcome Frank Selasie’s new collection “Amewusika

If you follow Frankey on Twitter or even Snapchat (if you dont, LOL) you will know all about this collection which she seems to have been working on for almost forever! But it’s HERE!

The new collection is mostly made of very beautiful colored silk made into “Frankimonos“. The new collection is rightly named because “Amewusika” means “A being Greater Than Gold” and the rich and vibrant color and patterns seen in this collection sing the same tune. The collection’s objective is to wrap your body in bold colors and patterns that are both comfortable and make you feel  like a voodooshi goddess. With a variety of colors, patterns and styles to choose from the Amewusika collection is a MUST HAVE.

The collection drops TODAY (May 20th) on http://shop.amewusika.com. So if your coins are ready, make your way there and cop a piece of Frank Selasie before it sells out.


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